**Setting up a Split Domain in the Hosted Exchange environment**

**Setting up a Split Domain in the Hosted Exchange environment**

By default, when you order your exchange service, mailboxes have not been created. You must log into the Control Panel to create mailboxes for each unique user. You may create as many mailboxes as you ordered when you purchased your service.

1. Log into the Control Panel.
The Control Panel’s main dashboard displays:


2. Select Add New Mailbox from the Mail section of the main dashboard.

The first screen of the Add New Mailbox wizard displays:



3. Select one of the options:

  • Existing Service User – Select this option if the user had previously been setup with either Exchange or SharePoint service. The Service Users list displays. Select a user and click [Next>>]. Go to Step 6.
  • New Service User – Select this option if the user has never been setup with either Exchange or SharePoint service.The next step in the Add New Mailbox wizard displays.


4. Enter a Display name, Login, and Password for the new mailbox.

If you want the system to generate a random password for you, click the [Generate New Password] button.

Click the [Next>>] button and the next screen of the Add New Mailbox wizard displays:


5. On this screen, you will specify properties for the new mailbox.

Confirm or replace the new E-mail address.
Ensure that the proper Size limit is in place for the new mailbox.
Select the type(s) of Mailbox Access appropriate for this mailbox: Outlook Web App (OWA), Outlook access, ActiveSync, etc.
Indicate whether you wish to have a test message sent to the new e-mail address by checking in the corresponding checkbox.

6. Click the [Finish] button when you have selected all the properties you need for the new mailbox.The new mailbox is created and displays on the Mailboxes screen:


7.  Once the account you just created is in the system and has completed.  Click on the “Hosted Domain” link on the home page.


8.  Click on the “Add Existing Domain Registered Elsewhere” Link.

9. Type in the name of the domain (2010: yourdomain.collaborationhost.net 2013: yourdomain.mail.h01.hostedmail.net) in the domain field. Under the “Hosting” field select “Microsoft Exchange” and hit the “next” button.





10.  Click the “Finish” button.





11. Next we need to add this domain “yourdomain.collaborationhost.net” as an alias to the new mailbox account you created in the first couple of steps.

12. Click on the “Exchange” tab at the top of your screen. Find the user you created and Click on his “Display name” link.


13. Click on the  “Email addresses” Tab.



14. Click on the “Add New E-mail Address” button.




15. Type in the name of the email address for the alias you are going to create.  Make sure to select the proper domain name using the pull down menu.  You want to select the secondary domain we added earlier in this document. Hit the “Submit” button.




16.  The secondary alias (john.doe@mpcloudlab.collaborationhost.net) has been added to the primary mailbox (john.doe@mpcloudlab.com).



17.  Now – you need to go to your current mailbox / mail server and have all the mail forwarded from your account to the secondary email address / alias (john.doe@mpcloudlab.collaborationhost.net) we created for the (john.doe@mpcloudlab.com) account.

19. Contact support to enable  the split domain functionality.

18.  Now mail will flow to the new account and you will be able to setup your mobile devices and Outlook to connect and work with the new Exchange service. This setup is referred to as a split domain setup


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