Outlook 2011 Profile Setup Guide – MAC

**Exchange 2010 — Outlook 2011 Profile Configuration**

This document provides a quick overview of the settings needed to configure Outlook 2011 on your Mac to connect to
your hosted Exchange mailbox.

Perform the following steps:
1. Select the Outlook 2011 icon from the Mac application dock:



2. Select the Outlook menu in the upper left corner, and then select Preferences.
The Outlook Preferences dialog displays:



3. Select Accounts.
The Accounts dialog displays:



4. Select Exchange Account.

5. Enter your account information in the fields provided:



  • E-mail address – Enter your full email address (e.g., first.lastname@mycompany.com).
  • User name – This is your user name as defined in the Control Panel (i.e., “Collaboration\” followed by the user name – “Joe123,” for example).
  • Password – Enter your Exchange mailbox password (e.g., Password1!).
  • Configure automatically – Check this to allow Outlook to configure the Exchange connection automatically.

If you have correctly setup your DNS records (CNAME = Autodiscover record), then the automatic
configuration should work. Alternatively, continue with the manual configuration parameters.

6. If the auto-configuration failed, an additional field displays to enable you to enter the configuration server.
Enter the configuration information in the Server field and click [Add Account].

  • SERVER: https://Email.hostaccount.com/ews/exchange.asmx



A final dialog displays, asking if you want to allow/deny redirection to the selected server.


7. Click [Allow] to complete Outlook profile configuration.

You have now successfully connected the Outlook profile to your Exchange mailbox.

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