Setup Guide for MozyPro

When your Hosted Backup order has been provisioned you will receive two emails from MegaPath concerning your order.

  1. The first email will look like the following.  It is the email you receive from Megapath stating that your backup services have been provisioned and billing has been started for this service.  It will have your account number listed in the email and the amount of space your purchased.  It will also have the phone number to support in case you have any questions regarding the setup or the service.
  2. The next email you will receive will be from and will have a specific URL for your account.  Clicking this link is how you will setup your initial administrator’s account.  Using this account you can setup backups, change backup sizes and a host of other options as well.  Please click on the link provided in the email . The display will then show the following below.
  3. Please fill out the Name field and with the administrators name and the password you would like to use.  Press the “Continue” button
  4. Select the “Go To Account” link.
  5. Select the “Start using Mozy” button.
  6. Select “Add New User” Link.
  7. Make sure to set the following:
    • Make sure to select your group in the “Choose a group” field using the pull down menu.
    • In the “What type of user” field – Select either Server or desktop depending on what you ordered.
    • In the “Storage Limit field” you can limit the backups to a certain size if you require.  If you desire no limits leave the field blank (Default)
    • In the “How many devices can this user backup” field – you can put the number of devices (PC’s or servers) you would like to be able to backup.
    • If you would like Sync enabled – select the “Enable Sync” button.  This is not required to backup your devices.
    • Enter the End Users name and email address in the following fields.  Please make sure the “Send users instruction email” checkbox is checked.
    • Select “Add User(s)” button.  See the email generated below that will be sent to the email address you included in step #8.
  8. Have the End User click on the link contained in the email address they received.
  9. Enter the password in the password field the End User will use to log in to the control panel to make changes or restore his files and select “Activate Account” button.
  10. Select the “Download” button for the Mozy Backup Software.  The software will be downloaded to your PC / Server.  Find the file it downloaded and open it on the PC or Server you want the backups to occur on.
  11. Click “Next” button.
  12. Click “Accept” button.
  13. Wait for the installation to finish.
  14. Make sure the following fields are filled out:
    • Email Address: End Users email address.
    • Password: End Users password.
    • Click “Next” button.
  15. Please wait while the program Authenticates the email address and password you entered in the above step.
  16. When its done authenticating it will automatically start to scan your hard drive for files you might want to save.
  17. This screen will allow you to choose what you would like backed up initially.  Make any selections you want it to backup.
  18. Select the “Finish” button and your backup will start to process.
  19. If you want to make changes to the backup like the number of times it runs in one day, when it starts, bandwidth throttling or whether you want to drill down into individual files / folders that you also want it to backup then select the “Settings” button and it will take you to the program settings.
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