**How to use Track N’ Trace to search for specific email that were sent or received.**

  1. Log into the Control Panel. Select the “More Services” Tab. Select the “Boundary defense for email” link.

  2. Select the “Show Password” button and make note of the “Login name” and “password” to access the your Boundary defense account. 


  3. Click on the “https://Clients.boundarydefense.com” and enter the credentials identified in step 2. Hit the “Log in” Button. 


  4. This is the dashboard for the Symantec Boundary Defense Spam / Antivirus service. Click the “Tools” Tab and select “Email Track and Trace” link. 


  5. Enter the information in the following fields:
    a. Recipient: Email address the email was sent to.
    b. Sender: Email address the email was sent from.
    c. Date Range: you can change this match your timezone.
    d. Switch to days: if you need to search by days instead of hours, select this link.  FYI, you can only search up to 30 days back from the current date.
  6. Make sure the radial button for “View the results on the screen” is selected and Click the “Search” Buttton.

  7. Your search results will come up on the screen and will have all the time and date information you require.

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