How to assign another Account Administrator

**How to assign another Account Administrator**

Account administrators are technical administrators for your accounts/services hosted at Megapath. These users
can add/change/delete end-user accounts in Exchange, SharePoint, etc. By default, the initial “administrator”
for a customer account is based on the login information provided in the welcome email during the initial implementation of the
hosted exchange service.

Megapath takes the security of your account very seriously. Privacy and security are the focus of all of
our operational policies and procedures, and our network has been designed with the highest level
of security and reliability available.

1. Log into the Control Panel –

The hosted exchange Control Panel’s main dashboard displays:



2. Select the Admins shortcut from the Account section of the main dashboard.

The Admins screen displays:


NOTE: If an admin has left your company you can disable them by clicking the admin’s Name and then
the [Disable User] button on the Admin Details screen.

3. To add a new admin, click the [Add New Admin] button.

The first screen of the Add New User wizard displays:


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have only one Account Administrator in the system, you must create a new
(second) admin account and assign “Account Administrator” role to them before you can delete the first
account. This prevents you from deleting the only admin account you have, and thereby being blocked
from managing your system.

4. Enter the details for this user and click the [Next>>] button.

The second screen of the Add New User wizard displays:


5. Select the nature of the subscriptions that this user can manage (role) and click the [Finish] button.

The Admins list displays, including the new admin:


6. Click the Name of an admin to access the Admin Details screen, where you can edit the admin’s
information and parameters.

7. Contact Megapath Cloud Support @ 866-791-7657 Pin# 1495 or email to have the rest of the admin privileges to the account you created. has written 85 articles