Hosted Exchange 2013 Migration / Setup guide

Account Activation and Data Migration guide

Utilizing native capabilities of Microsoft® Outlook® and following a documented three phase process, customers can migrate their mailbox data to their new hosted Exchange account on their timetable and with no cost.

The major activities customers will have to complete include:

  • Coordinate DNS records change.
  • Establish new mailbox accounts and Outlook profiles for each user.
  • Migrate Data:
    • Automated migration via Migration Wiz tool.
    • Manual migration by converting users’ mailbox data into PST files.
      • Import the PST files into the new mailbox accounts.

Customers will need the following information to complete the migration:

  • DNS (Domain Name System) provider account login information.
  • Access to current Mailbox account(s).
  • Credentials to access the new Control Panel (created when signing up for service).
  • Name and email addresses for all users.

The process generally takes 24 to 72 hours, but could take longer depending on the number of mailboxes to be created, the volume of data to be migrated, and network speed.

The three phase migration process includes the following steps that must be completed in order to ensure a smooth experience:

PHASE ONE: Creation

  1. Login into the **New** hosted exchange control panel. Hosted Exchange Link.
  2. Create all the Exchange Mailboxes that you want to migrate. Mailbox guideREQUIRED
  3. Create any External Contacts you might want. Contact guide. Not Required
  4. Create and configure any Distribution Lists you need. Distribution list guideNot Required
  5. Create and configure any Resource Mailboxes you need. Resource MB guideNot Required
  6. Create and configure any Public Folders you need. Public Folder guideNot Required

 NOTE: Please keep in mind that the mailboxes, contacts and distribution lists can be batch imported via the batch import process. Batch Import Guide.

PHASE TWO: Migration

  1. Migrate the mailbox data using one of the two methods below:
    • Migrate the mailbox data using the Migration Wiz tool. This will be considered the 1st pass.
    • Migrate the mailbox data using the Export PST method.

PHASE THREE: Flip the Switch

  1. Make the requested changes to the DNS via your DNS registrar’s control panel or by calling their support. DNS Records Guide.
  2. Create **New** Outlook (2007, 2010 or 2013) profiles for the new hosted exchange service. Outlook Profile Creation Guide – Auto Discover – Do not delete or remove the users legacy profiles. 
  3. Complete the migration of the mailbox data by using the same method you used in phase two.
    • Migrate the rest of the mailbox data using the Migration Wiz tool. – This would be considered the 2nd pass.
    • Migrate the data into the newly created Outlook profile using the Import PST method.
  4. Setup the mobile devices to connect to the new hosted exchange mailboxes. Mobile Setup Guide
  5. Setup the Printer / Scanner devices to connect to the exchange environment via SMTP. SMTP Guide

NOTE: Please understand that this is a best practices guide – If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 866-791-7657 Pin 1495 or email us at referencing your account number and hosted exchange. has written 85 articles