Exchange 2013 SMTP Configuration for devices – printers / scanners

Provide the device/application with the server URL, secure port, and a valid user ID and password to configure an email account with SMTP.

1. Use these settings for SMTP / IMAP or POP3:

Authenticated Relays (Internal and external mail): IMAP

Incoming: – Port 993 – SSL

Outgoing: – Port 587 – TLS


Authenticated Relays (Internal and external mail): POP3

Incoming: – Port 995 – SSL

Outgoing: – Port 587 – TLS


Non-Authenticated Relay (Internal mail only)

Outgoing: – Port 25 – None

FYI – Use the email address for any SMTP user ID’s along with the appropriate account password.  Also, make sure the specific account you use for this service has POP3 or IMAP4 “ENABLED” within the Control Panel based on the protocol that is supported by your device in question as seen below.

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