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Rebuilding the OAB – Offline Address Book

**How to Rebuilding the OAB – Offline Address Book** Log into the Admin Control Panel. “POA” –> Operations Director –> ┬áCustomer Manager –> Customer Search and Select customers company name. Select Resources tab –> Exchange organizations header. Select the Subscription name (S00xxxxxxx). Select “Mark OAB for Rebuilding” Button –> Done.  

Hosted Exchange / SharePoint: Adding a new Customer

Login to https://exchange.megapath.com Click “Billing” in the upper right hand corner. Click “Operation Director” Click “Account Manager” Click “Customers” Click “New Customer Account” Click “Next” Enter the company name (domain name) (2013) in the “Company Name” field. Enter in the customer number in the “Tax┬áRegistration ID” field. Use the megapath customer ID that was in…