BlackBerry Active Sync

  1. Select the Settings app
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select Email, Calendar and Contacts
  4. Select the Advanced Setup option at the bottom of the screen
  5. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  6. Fill in the appropriate fields:
    Description = how the account will be displayed in the Blackberry and to recipients
    username = username in Exchange
    email address = full email address in Exchange
    password = password in Exchange *Note: tapping the eye icon will show the password as you enter it
    server address =
    port = 443
    Use SSL = ON
    Download messages while roaming = either ON or OFF based on user preferences
    Push = ON
    Sync interval = 15 minutes
    Initial retrieval amount = 7 days (more can be set, but that may drain battery life significantly) has written 85 articles